Tuesday, July 7, 2009

GOP House Leader Rep. Boehner Lies About Stimulus Money

AltTulsa knows that politicians of all stripes can stretch the truth. It's almost part of the job description—spinning the facts like there's no tomorrow.

Still, the current crop of right-wing ideologues seem to have a special affinity for gumming up the facts. Or, to put it bluntly, lying their asses off.

The latest example is Ohio Rep. John Boehner, a GOP House leader who should know up from down. But Boehner's latest effort to undermine the positive effects of the Obama Administration's stimulus package was a genuine "stretcher."

PolitiFact checked out Boehner's claims that North Carolina "used stimulus money to hire one new state worker." The claim is wrong. The fact-checking is here.


Tulsan said...

Today's eye-opener from Pat Buchanan:

"I put democracy far down the line. I think a devoutly Christian, conservative, traditionalist country—even if it’s a monarchy—is fine with me."

Thanks for letting us know where you and your dominionist buddies stand, Pat.

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