Saturday, January 2, 2010

New Year, Same Old Lies: Ann Coulter Keeps on Blabbing

The AT crew is dedicated to the facts. We like to think that there is actual evidence in the political world, and that adherence to the facts is one of the glories of American political discourse. 

Not everyone follows this notion. Indeed, there's a whole industry (talk radio, Fox News, etc.) built on political lies, distortions, half-truths, deliberate misinterpretations and the like. For this crowd, facts are hardly necessary.

Just make stuff up—the ditto-heads will believe whatever you tell them. 

Which brings us to one of the best practitioners of Right-wing deception and nonsense, Ann Coulter. Her latest whopper: Obama's madrassa education, a lie she repeated earlier this week.

Of course: Obama is a secret Muslim (or something) who will soon force us (yes, he's a secret Fascist too) all to give up Christianity (which he secretly hates).

It's nuts, of course, but the Right loves to demonize its enemies, even when they have to make up lies to do it. Check out the details here.

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