Thursday, December 31, 2009

KRMG's Skewed News Values: Making Rush Limbaugh the Top Story

Tulsa news took a back seat today on KRMG radio, which led its 4 p.m. newscast not with local news, but with a lame update on the health of radio blabber Rush Limbaugh.

El Rushbo, as it happens, was hospitalized in Hawaii for chest pains, where he was not serving his country or even the conservative movement. Oh no. Rush was playing golf.

We admit it: We don't care for Limbaugh, whose radio career consists mostly of lying or distorting the truth about everyone he doesn't like. (It's a long list.) Nevertheless, we wish Limabugh well.

That said, he's not local, has no Tulsa ties, and he didn't die. Indeed, he seems to be recovering. In short, Limbaugh is in no way a top Tulsa new story, even on a "news" station as pitiful as KRMG.


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Anonymous said...

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