Monday, January 4, 2010

The Political Animal on Hume's Conversion Advice to Tiger

Fox News anchor Brit Hume might want to rethink his recent advice to Tiger Woods. Hume, you may recall, recently advised Tiger to give up Buddhism (Tiger's a Buddhist?) and convert to Christianity.

The pundits are having a field day, of course, since the recent record of high profile Christians involved in sex scandals is long and impressive.

Let's see: There's Rev. Ted Haggard, Sen. David Vitter, Sen. John Ensign, and Gov. Mark Sanford, just to get started.

The Washington Monthly's Steve Benen has weighed in as well. Read Benen's posting on The Political Animal here.

UPDATE: One wag we heard noted that Hume's pro-Christian advice was based mostly on Christianity's purported good deal, the idea that Christianity gives sinners like Woods a "get out of jail free card." Looked at in that light, Hume's advice is even stranger than first supposed.


Tulsan said...

How many other Buddhist scandals have you heard of?

Just playing the odds, it might work out better overall if Sanford and his legion of "Christian" bad boys became Buddhists.

Anonymous said...

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