Thursday, January 21, 2010

Right-wing Pundits Pine for the Glorious Bush Presidency

George W. Bush was ill-prepared for the presidency.

Poorly informed, superficially educated and tied to a host of failed theories and weak ideas—yet never doubtful of his ability—Bush started an elective war, sanctioned policies of torture and increased government secrecy and presided over a major economic collapse.

Despite that record, the Right has continued to insist that Bush was a triumphant leader who stood tall when the chips were down. To hear the GOP spinners tell it, W. saved the nation from all sorts of external and internal evils.

On the one-year anniversary of Bush leaving office, the Right has gone into full nostalgia mode, recalling the triumphs that never were, desperately trying to save a ship (the Bush Administration) that has already sunk.

Our friends at Media Matters have complied a list of Glorious GOP Nostalgia, complete with heroic tales and misremembered facts. Read more here.

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