Monday, January 18, 2010

Poll Shows Americans Don't Support Palin Presidential Run

Some folks love her, but ex-Gov. Sarah Palin is not as beloved as conventional wisdom would have you believe.

A new CBS poll shows that support for a Palin presidential bid is thin. Of course, the good people of Red State America still maintain that Palin is The Savior of the Right, notwithstanding repeated evidence of her lighter-than-air intellectual heft. 

Read the full poll report here.


Man of the West said...


Just had to celebrate with y'all.

Barack Obama was handed his worst nightmare ever tonight, as a Democratic Party Senate candidate, running for the late Ted Kennedy's seat in Massachusetts, lost to an upstart Republican whose chances were rated between thin and none just over a month ago.

The winner of the Massachusetts' special election tonight was not a household political name. And it was not a Democrat.

Republican Scott Brown, who waged a late surge in the state to battle Obama head on, defeated Democrat Martha Coakley, the state attorney general, who was thought to be a shoo-in as late as a month ago. The total with 75 percent of the vote in was 53 percent to 46 percent for Brown. Coakley then made a telephone call to concede the race.

Enjoy. Personally, I'm off to listen to the sound of millions of heartbroken Democrats caterwauling in unison.

Tulsan said...

Hey, it sucks. But it's no time to throw in the towel.

The Democrats have more lessons to learn about how to make things happen politically.

In the mean time, they will need to make due with all three branches and learn how to effectively counter the GOP's incessant drumbeat of nihilism.

Time for all non-GOPers to wake up and smell the coffee.

Tulsan said...

In a slight return to the topic of the post, can this be for real?

Worldwide Day of Prayer to Heal Trig Palin: April 18, 2010

" is known publicly that Trig Palin indeed has Down Syndrome. Science has no way to undo this condition, which is the result of an extra chromosome; but God can. When Trig Palin is found to be miraculously healed, everyone but the most hardened atheist will have to acknowledge God’s Majesty!"

Sarah would also become a shoo-in as Pres, so divine intervention would seem to offer a two-fer.

Let's get back to this on April 19 and take our pulse.

Tulsan said...

Oh, well, this appears to be a hoax. But how could one reasonably separate it from everyday outrageousness?

There is a tipoff after all: an exact date was set, and it is in the near future. Clearly either a hoax, or a real boneheaded move based on history: