Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Pat Robertson: God is Punishing Haiti for Pact with Satan (Yes, really!)

Rev. Pat Robertson—the chief pontificator at The 700 Club—is simply amazing. When bad things happen, he can talk to God and then tell the rest of us why the Lord did what He did.

Hurricane Katrina happened to New Orleans because those folks were Big Time Sinners, Rev. Pat has said.

After Sept. 11, 2001, the Lord told Pat's pal Jerry Falwell (and Rev. Pat agreed) that the attack was all the ACLU's fault. After all, those liberal lawyers keep supporting things like civil rights and free expression and porn and gay stuff. So icky! 

Now that an earthquake has killed many thousands of innocent people in Haiti, Rev. Pat says that God told him that He did it because the evil Haitians were in league with the Devil. And then there's France, which has something to do with Satan as well. 

Fascinating. Incredible. Literally unbelievable. Read all about it here, with enlightening video. 


HCJoel said...

I feel bad for Pat. When he meets Jesus face-to-face, he's going to regret so many things he did (as will I, I suspect). Please know that many people who follow Jesus do not espouse or support such views. Jesus loves Haitians (and everyone else) in spite of what Christians who lack insight and/or maturity might say. I ask your forgiveness.

Tulsan said...

I think the Lord is punishing us all by giving us Pat.