Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dick Cheney's Paranoia: Former VP Plays Fast & Loose with the Truth

The most unpopular national politician of the last decade—Dick Cheney—has come out of hiding once again in order to lie about President Obama. 

This time Cheney is claiming that Obama is soft on terrorism, so soft, in fact, that Obama won't admit the nation is a war. Too bad it's a completely bogus claim, as PolitiFact has documented.

In fact, PolitiFact found numerous instances of Obama saying exactly what Cheney says Obama hasn't said, earning the former VP a dishonorable "Pants on Fire" award for lying.

We don't mind Cheney criticizing at the president. All politicians criticize their opponents. But we do object to fabrications and lies, which seem to be standard operating procedure for Cheney and many others on the Right.

Here's the conclusion of the PolitiFact analysis:
[E]ven a cursory examination of Obama's statements shows this one is preposterous. Obama has often said the United States is at war against terrorist organizations -- and has ordered a massive increase in U.S. troops in Afghanistan to fight that war. So Cheney's comment isn't just False, it's ridiculously so. Pants on Fire!
The full PolitiFact story is here.


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