Wednesday, January 6, 2010

GOP's Phony Terrorist Outrage: Repeating the Lies and Hoping No One Notices

The Republican Party has no shame. From National GOP Chairman Michael Steele and across the Wingnut spectrum, the bogus charges against the Obama Administration keep on coming.

The latest is the phony outrage that President Obama is soft on terrorism, so soft that he won't say the word terrorist. That lie was repeated today by New York Rep. Peter King.

But it's not true. The record shows that the president and members of his administration have routinely used the word. 

But the Republicans keep trying to pin this charge on Obama, apparently believing that if you repeat a lie often enough it will (magically) become true. 

We doubt it. The full story here.


Monk-in-Training said...

Fortunately, some of the blogs and Jon Stewart, et al are beginning to point this fact out, and getting their own counter message across, for which, I am grateful.

This is a great blog, as a Tulsan, I am glad to have it's voice.

Tulsan said...

I agree with Monk. An oasis of sanity (vs. Hannity.)

Cary said...

I'm not really very hip to the issues but I have enjoyed reading your blog.

Love that neighborhood up there
Swan Lake

Also miss your commenter Victor. I hope he's doing ok!