Sunday, February 15, 2009

Worth Reading: Pundit Nails GOP Hypocrisy

Commentator Andrew Sullivan sums up the Republican response (especially Sens. Jim Inhofe and Tom Coburn) to the president's stimulus bill:
From the outset, the Republicans in Washington pored over the bill to find trivial issues to make hay with. They found some small funding for HIV and sexually transmitted diseases prevention; they jumped up and down about renovating the national mall; they went nuts over a proposal - wait for it - to make some government buildings more energy-efficient; they acted as if green research and federal funds for new school building were the equivalent of funding terrorism. And this after eight years in which they managed to turn a surplus into a trillion-dollar deficit and added a cool $32 trillion to the debt the next generation will have to pay for. Every now and again their chutzpah and narcissism take one’s breath away. But it’s all they seem to know.


Yogi♪♪♪ said...

I'm sorry, I'm a Republican and I know that they don't like this bill and maybe they have a few points on this or that item but I don't think they get it that their policies got in this mess and so we have to do something different.

Tulsan said...

Question for AT: what conservative Tulsa or Oklahoma blogs are you reading? They seem to be drying up.

victor said...

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