Thursday, February 12, 2009

Suddenly, GOP's Duncan Loves the Nanny State

Ah, those brash conservatives, always battering the Democrats for their socialistic "nanny state" approach to just about everything. 

Take former Republican National Committee Chairman Mike Duncan of Kentucky. Just last month Duncan slammed the new liberal leadership in Washington:
The Democrats mean to use this opportunity of unchallenged power to explode the size and scope of the federal government, to take control of entire sectors of our economy…. The goal is to indoctrinate a generation of American children to the gentle comforts of the nanny state….
Today we learn that this very same Mike Duncan has taken a job with—wait for it—the Nanny State, the Tennessee Valley Authority, to be exact. 

That's the same TVA that was established by Roosevelt's New Deal, the same TVA that competes with private power companies, the same TVA that employs thousands of workers in Tennessee, Alabama, Mississippi and other Southern states. 

Hey, Mike! How about living up to rock-ribbed conservative principles and resigning from your new and highly paid Nanny State job? 

If you don't, you too are obviously—to put it in your own terms—indoctrinating "American children in the gentle comforts of the nanny state." 

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