Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Steven Colbert on the GOP: Follow the Taliban (Yikes!) Model

Steven Colbert, the fake commentator and star of Colbert Nation, picked up on the bizarre comments of Texas Congressman Pete Sessions with this devastating critique:

Nation, the GOP must find a way to thrive. For two years the Democrats have occupied Congress but not everyone is willing to surrender. Like Texas Republican Congressman Pete Sessions, who told the National Journal last week that to fight the Democrats "insurgency may be required".

Now, before this man gets taken out of context, he was not saying the GOP should model themselves after Al Qaeda. That would be offensive. No. He was just saying the Republicans model themselves after the Taliban. That is a meaningful substantive difference.


Now this insurgency, this insurgency shouldn't be too hard for the Republicans. They have a quite a bit in common with the Taliban. Neither, neither one of them is all that big on women's rights. They both want God in government. Both were in favor of the U.S. invading Iraq. And of course they both follow shadowy leaders who communicate through poor-quality video.