Thursday, February 12, 2009

Tulsa Republicans: Party Like It's 1959

Tulsa County Republicans will meet February 21 for their county convention and it promises to be, well, different.

The Tulsa World reports that a fight is brewing in the Oklahoma GOP between the "mainline" Republicans and the wingnut branch, also called the Ron Paul faction.

In Tulsa, the wingnuts are represented by Sally Bell, recent loser in the county commission race. Despite that loss (and in a heavily Republican county, no less), Bell is running for chair of the county GOP.

"She appears to have the backing of a former Tulsa city councilor, Chris Medlock," the World reported. Medlock, you may remember, left the council and went on to lose a race for mayor and the state legislature.

Bell, of local amusement park fame, is well known for her antiquated political views. For one thing, Bell is a proud John Bircher, still hoping to defeat the rising influence of Mao, Stalin, Fidel and—well, Fred Harris—among Oklahoma school children. It's so-o-o-o scary!

We're with you Sally. If this were 1959, you'd be a winner. Too bad you and the ole gang are just about 50 years out of date.


Tulsan said...

I hope Sally becomes to the Oklahoma GOP what Sarah Palin is to the national GOP. They will take the whole rotten party down to its just desserts with their obvious lack of wits or knowledge.

On the other hand, that hasn't been a disqualifier for Oklahoma voters up to this point, but hope springs eternal.

Grindstone Journal said...

Please let Sally Bell win. Please, Jesus. I don't actually believe in you, but I am praying to you now. Please, let the wingnuts win.

Religious conservatives will have a hard time with the Ron Paul position on social issues. And on fiscal policy he's more extreme than even a lot of fiscal conservatives.

Oklahoma is one of the few places in the country where the extreme right wing can still win. I think they will alienate a lot of young voters if they elect the crazies.

I think there is a similar battle in the national Republican Party. There is a battle between the wingnuts (Palin) and the moderates (Hagel). Problem is, the Fox News/Rush Limbaugh right wing media infrastructure was set up to support ideological conservatism, not the Republican Party per se. So the moderates have a disadvantage. And judging from the unanimous opposition to the stimulus bill, I think the wingnuts are winning.

Please, Jesus. Let the wingnuts win. I want more Democratic seats in 2010.

Tulsan said...

Somebody named Lady Recall, start at the bottom, has a whole lot about why Medlock is backing Bell. Along the way you see what a disaster Medlock is. Tulsa World political notebook

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