Friday, February 20, 2009

Fox Host (Surprise!) Plays Fast and Loose with Presidential Facts

Gotta love the folks at Fox News, whose hosts rarely stray from the Official Party Line, even when they have to stretch the truth to do so.

Here's a recent sample, courtesy of our friends at Think Progress.
Last night, Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren aired an interview she conducted with former president Bill Clinton. Clinton praised Obama for taking his message about his recovery plan “out into the country,” but Van Susteren objected, saying Obama had visited only states he won. “He’s hit…Indiana, Ohio, Florida, Colorado,” she said, which have “recently become Democratic state.” “It looks like a reward,” she complained.
The problem: Obama also visited a fifth state, Arizona, John McCain's home state and one that Obama did not win. Moreover, Think Progress noted, Obama lost every county where he has appeared.

Using that metric, Obama has reached out to five Republican-leaning counties, which means there's hardly a political reward here.

Fox News: We Distort, You Decide.

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