Thursday, February 5, 2009

Bush Official Andy Card Still Flogging Relaxed White House Dress Code

Earlier this week, AT noted that Andy Card, former Bush White House chief of staff, had criticized President Obama and his staff for their relaxed dress code in the Oval Office.

Card remains upset. He's gone on television again, once more criticizing the White House's new informality.

Oh, the horrors! Card thinks it's disrespectful to work—as Obama sometimes does—in his shirt sleeves. Sometimes Obama even appears without a tie!

Really, Andy. This is a matter of national concern? We have an major economic mess and two wars to fight and a medical crisis to solve and this is your big issue?

If this is all Card can say about the new administration, no wonder the Republicans (and the country) are in trouble.

UPDATE: AT isn't the only party to note Card's obsession with appearance. MSNBC host Chris Matthews asked this question the other day: "Isn't former Bush chief of staff Andy Card getting a bit dainty?

And then there's this: President's Ford, Carter and Clinton were photographed in the Oval Office without jackets. Oh, and one other president too: George W. Bush.


Tulsan said...

Maybe he can get a job as the new Miss Manners.

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