Thursday, October 28, 2010

Violence Rising: Right-wing Extremists Pushing Their Opponents, Literally

AltTulsa has been monitoring right-wing rhetoric for many months now, talk that has become increasingly overheated and hyperbolic.

Now the public sphere is seeing the dark fruits of this anger in threats and physical violence.

Two recent examples: There were death threats this week directed at NPR officials after Juan Williams was fired for his comments (on Fox News, not NPR) about Muslim airline passengers. Even worse, a Rand Paul supporter in Kentucky was shown on video stomping on the head of an anti-Paul demonstrator, an act of physical violence that can't be justified as free speech.

As we said, the rhetoric is angry, so angry that it has the potential to get much, much worse. But some on the Right keep pushing the limits, hysterically, in our view.

Read the story here.

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