Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jon Stewart on O'Donnell's Big Problem


Josh Painter said...

Yes, Sarah Palin is so stupid that she actually said at a speaking event Thursday, "“You’re the dullest audience I’ve ever spoken to."

Oh, wait. that was Joe Biden that dissed his own audience, not Sarah Palin.

Never mind...

Tulsan said...

Amazing thing, context:


Vice President Joe Biden got a laugh from his audience at a Wisconsin fundraising event Thursday when he tried to rile the crowd about the economic collapse of 2008.

“We want to reward people who manufacture things in the United States, in Wisconsin, not to take them overseas to China and to other countries!” he said to a silent room at the event for Democratic gubernatorial nominee Tom Barrett.

He continued, saying, “You’re the dullest audience I’ve ever spoken to," at which point he got applause and laughs. "Do you realize how many jobs Wisconsin lost? It’s staggering!"

Tulsan said...

And, yes, Sarah Palin is really stupid.

I'll never forget her jaw-droppingly ignorant interviews with Katie Couric and Charles Gibson.

Tulsan said...

She is an innovator, though.

As a result of those abysmal interviews, she, by necessity, created the "duck and cover" style subsequently adopted by Sharron Angle, Rand Paul and Christine O'Donnell.

Good rule: If you're a right-wing dummy, talk only to Fox News.

Tulsan said...

In other dumb Republican news:
In an interview with Lars Larson, Sharron Angle has semi-explained where she got the cockamamie idea that Sharia Law had come to America:

LARSON: Now did you say though that Sharia law was in place in Dearborn right now?

ANGLE: I had read that in one place, that they have started using some Sharia law there. That's what I had read.

Of course, whatever Angle "read" (no doubt on was utterly false as Mayor John O'Reilly told her in a letter.

But while it's bad enough that Republicans nominated this lunatic who believes every crazy conspiracy theory she "reads," her quasi-apologia only addresses half the story, because she didn't just say that Sharia Law had spread to Dearborn. She also said it had spread to Frankford, Texas. The only problem with that: Frankford doesn't exist.
(From Kos, 10-14-2010)