Thursday, October 14, 2010

Observer's Arnold Hamilton Gets It Right: Oklahoma Candidates Offer Mostly Hot Air

The AltTulsa crew is fond of plain, old-fashioned political criticism. Sometimes it's great to say exactly what's on your mind.

Sooner state politicians don't do this very often, which is why we want to thank The Oklahoma Observer's Arnold Hamilton. Writing in this week's Urban Tulsa Weekly, Hamilton blasts the state's empty candidates, who promise little more than bland platitudes. (Reminds one of Sarah Palin.)

Hamilton writes: "[Oklahoma candidates] love Oklahoma, they're committed to Oklahoma values, they think Oklahomans have more common sense than the jokers in Washington…."

Recalling the famous Wendy's ad of some years back, Hamilton asks, "Where's the beef?" 

It's a good question. The "I'm-the-most-conservative" line is wearing thin, Hamilton adds.

One candidate bucking the trend, he notes, is Sen. Kenneth Corn, the Democratic candidate for lieutenant governor. Corn has issued a detailed ethics reform plan that could stop the influence of big money in the halls of state government. (Details here.)

Imagine that! A politician who has an actual plan to improve government, not simply lip service about vague Oklahoma values.


1 comment:

TedTheCat said...

Oklahoma Republican campaign commercials usually boil down to one of these things:

"God is on my side."

"Vote for me or something horrible will happen to you," or

"My opponent is soft on hating people who are different."