Tuesday, October 26, 2010

TPM Lists the Right's Top Six (Supposedly) Unconstitutional Laws

Our friends over at Talking Points Memo have produced a helpful list of the top six laws that the Tea Party crowd believes are unconstitutional. 

Unsurprisingly, Social Security is on the list, as is Medicare. (The full list is here.)

Apparently, the Far Right is heavily invested in going back to those wondrous days of yore, when grandma and grandpa were desperately poor. And when they got sick—well, too bad. No health care for you! 

We strenuously disagree with our Right-wing neighbors because we believe that the government—yes, the government—has a role in protecting the poor and the elderly, among other things.

No, that's not socialism. It's using the power of the state to make society better, doing the right thing for the right reasons, especially with the private sector can't (or won't) take on that responsibility.

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