Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Zanies on the Loose: Talk of an Oklahoma Militia Making News

It was bound to happen. 

With conspiracy theorists and wingnuts seemingly behind very bush in the Sooner state, it was probably inevitable that the Tea Party folks and the militia movement would find some common ground in Oklahoma.

With would-be secessionist Sen. Randy Brogdon misleading his supporters (see our previous post) and an active wingnut crowd, it's getting weird out here in Soonerland.

So weird, in fact, that Oklahoma is making national headlines, but not in a good way. Oh no. The zanies are making us all look a little kookie, which is not good for the Sooner state.

More on this story here.


Tulsan said...

We certainly seem to have more than our share of kooks and cranks, few of them shy about it.

Tulsan said...

Comment on this story over at TPM by NCSteve:

"Great, I'm sure your army of untrained delusional old lardasses with their polyglot assortment of small arms will be more than a match for M-1 tanks, Apache gunships and cluster bombs..."

Probably after the next Murrah Building-style incident, egged on by the moral imbeciles at Fox News and in the Oklahoma legislature.