Friday, April 16, 2010

Decoding Sarah Palin: A Guide to the Alaskan's Odd Speech

Sarah Palin is a nothing if not plain spoken, but her rhetoric is curious. Unlike a thoughtful political thinker, Palin speaks in superficial terms, repeating cliches and homilies as if there were deep and original thoughts.

She's not exactly Thomas Jefferson. Hell, she's not even John F. Kennedy.

Now a journalist from The New Republic has taken a close look at Palin's speech. The results are interesting, but it's not flattering to the half-term governor.

A sample:
Palin is given to meandering phraseology of a kind suggesting someone more commenting on impressions as they enter and leave her head rather than constructing insights about them. Or at least, insights that go beyond the bare-bones essentials of human cognition — an entity (i.e. something) and a predicate (i.e. something about it).
The link is here.

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Tulsan said...

Even those observations of Palin's chaotic "thinking" are too kind.