Monday, April 5, 2010

Amazing Voices: NPR Profiles the Queen of the Gypsy Singers

We admit it: AT never heard of Esma Redzepova until today.

But we have a weakness for the offbeat and the unusual, so we fell fast for this incredible Roma (gypsy) singer.

NPR has the amazing audio. Check out the music here.


Tulsan said...

From TPM

Even funnier are the descriptions of just why (the RNC's 'Young Eagle' program, the one that got them in trouble with the faux-lesbian bondage club) is necessary and the pained laments of young rightwingers trying to make their way in a world as conservatives when all the cool stars they want to chill with are Democrats.

"Everything that's cool from a pop culture perspective is Democratic -- whether it's Kanye West or Bruce Springsteen -- and with younger conservatives, a good event is often a big way to help sell," said the former Young Eagle, who left the program in 2008. Traditional fundraising events such as golf and tennis outings don't quite cut it with young donors, he said. "How many times can you go to the U.S. Open?"

The Young Eagles are "a fun group," the former member said. "If you've got a little insecurity complex, but you've got money -- what a cool group to hang out with."

Reading this piece I found it hard to tell whether this was just a good way to blow a lot of money on events for rich kids who didn't actually give much money or some sort of nerd empowerment program gone terribly wrong.
Rightwingers, stick with hate radio. You're great at that. Forget humor or pop culture. You suck at them.

Tulsan said...

WTF?! Coburn: Don't Believe Everything You Hear On Fox News

What's gotten into him? Did those southeastern Oklahoma lesbians put something in his tea?