Thursday, April 22, 2010

Clueless Republican: Nevada Candidate Suggests Barter for Medical Services (Seriously)

Those clever Republicans in Nevada are on to something.

Need medical help? Trade some chicken to your doctor. Or paint her house. 

Say, I wonder how many chickens it will take to have a knee replacement? Oh wait, I don't have any chickens. I guess I'll have to paint houses—lots and lots of houses.

As another sign of GOP idiocy on health care, we present the Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Nevada, one Sue Lowden. Here's the story:
Sue Lowden, a Republican candidate challenging Majority Leader Harry Reid for his Nevada Senate seat is refusing to back down from an earlier suggestion that America consider a medical barter system as an alternative to current health care solutions.
On Monday Lowden took the idea one step further.
"Before we all started having health care, in the olden days, our grandparents, they would bring a chicken to the doctor," Lowden told a local news station. "They would say I'll paint your house."
Now, the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee has launched a new website to ridicule Lowden for her support of the bartering proposal.
The website, Chickens for Checkups, calls Lowden's health care barter system "an old-timey solution for a modern problem," and says that such a program would ask Americans to "barter with their doctors for health care with things like chickens and house painting," items she referenced on a local news program.
"Do you need medical care?" the site asks. "Write a letter to Sue Lowden with your ailment and what you're willing to trade, and we'll make sure she gets it. It's just like the good old days!"


Tulsan said...

Sure, doctors have plenty of time to tend livestock in the city. They can probably trade them to a car dealer for a new BMW. They love to keep livestock, too.

Another uber-devolved idea from the GOP. What a hare-brain.

How low will they go? They can always surprise you.

Chicago said...

I would love to be paid in nothing but chickens. Of course, I'm sure the Nevada Senator would accept my state income tax in pieces of those chickens I'm paid, instead of real money. Wings should suffice. And when she's elected, I'm sure she'll push for my Fed income tax to be paid for in breast meat. And maybe the gas and electric company and the bank that holds my mortage will accept thigh meat and giblets.

To say she is clueless is extremely benevolent.

blaza said...

I am blazabes and I Like the barter