Friday, April 30, 2010

Headline of the Day: Another GOP Defector

A telling headline in today's Tulsa World:
 Florida governor dumps GOP


Tulsan said...

The Arizona law is going to be berry berry bad for the GOP. Bwa-ha-ha!

Man of the West said...

I have to admit, that is some of the most incisive thinking I have encountered today. Crist started out about 30 points ahead of Rubio, and wound up 30 points behind Rubio before he rabbited, and the World--and you, apparently--brilliantly conclude that Crist dumped the GOP, rather than the other way 'round.

Your logic is airtight. Somebody alert Mensa.

Tulsan said...

Seems to me that the teabagger wing is squeezing the remaining moderate Republicans out of the party, leaving only the lunatic base and the cynical money men. How will that play with independents?

Arizona, on behalf of the national GOP, just showed Hispanics how important they are to the core of the party: not at all. Where will that lead?

Time will tell.