Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Truth-telling Time: Oklahoma Sen. Tom Coburn Dumps on (Yes!) Fox News

Tom Coburn sometimes colors within the lines, parroting the Republican line with gusto. But he's a better senator when he colors outside the lines and speaks his own mind, which is what he did this weekend.

At a recent Oklahoma town hall meeting, Sen. Coburn actually criticized Fox News, home of right-wing propaganda. Don't believe everything you hear on Fox, Coburn told his fellow Sooners.

Wow! Apparently the scales have fallen from his eyes.

As to his advice about Fox News, we couldn't agree more. Fox is full of over-the-top rhetoric, distortions and what-if accounts, all in service to a far-right agenda. 

The full account here.


Anonymous said...

Senator from Oklahoma have you read the polls lately with regards to approval ratings for all politicians in Washington.I dont think your ratings will be very strong taking up for Nancy Pelosi.Anyone that is associated with this bunch of Democrats dont have a political future in next elections.Your statements regarding FoX News and Nancy pelosi being a nice lady wasn"t very smart.The american people are sick and tired of politicians who cave and dont stand up for our country and its people.These ststements will come back and haunt you in next elections.I know you probally feel like we are justs the little serfs but these little peasants will vote you out.

Tulsan said...

Senator Tom's weather vane is probably working just fine.

He might also be sensing that the torrent of hyperbolic, violent rhetoric being fed to the gullible and frightened Fox News audience might have some ugly consequences both for the GOP and the nation.

Tulsan said...

Gee, Anonymous is making me miss MotW's Yahooism-Dressed-Up-As-Intellectualism.

Anonymous said...

Anon at 8:19--finally Sen. Coburn says something truthful & you find fault with him. What you (& the rest of us) should be worrying about is hanging on to our jobs so we don't have to worry about him nixing our unemployment benefits (benefits that we have earned). That's something that really matters to people NOW.