Sunday, October 11, 2009

The Tulsa Mayor's Race Gets Nasty: Time for Candidates to Grow Up

We know it's probably hopeless, but we'd like to add our voice to the hue and cry against negative attack ads in the Tulsa mayoral campaign.

Yes, we know why candidates and their campaign managers run these ads. They work, or at least they sometimes work.

Hit and hit hard, the thinking goes, so that you can raise doubts about your opponent, his policies, his ethics, his character, and how he treats his dog.

But AT agrees with the Tulsa World, which ran an editorial last month imploring the candidates, Tom Adelson and Dewey Bartlett, to "act your age."

The editorial ended with this point:
Voters want to know what you stand for. They want to hear your vision of Tulsa's future. If you can't stand on your own record and your own ideas, don't spend your money and our time tearing the other guy down.
It's sound advice. Here's hoping both campaigns are listening.

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