Saturday, October 31, 2009

Bartlett Claims Adelson Loves Criminals—Really

Don't you just love local politics, nonsense and all?

We're referring, of course, to the Tulsa mayor's race featuring Dewey Bartlett and Tom Adelson, Republican and Democrat, respectively.

Unfortunately for Tulsa, both candidates have unleashed negative television ads. Adelson, for example has slammed Bartlett's term on the Oklahoma Turnpike Commission, when Bartlett expressed support for more turnpikes in and around Tulsa.

Bartlett has struck back with his own charges, some of which seem more than a little overheated. For instance, there's the "creepy guy" mailer we received the other day, which purports to show that Adelson is soft on crime.

Of course he is—he's a liberal. And we all know that liberals love criminals, especially child molesters! Ha!

This is complete crap, of course, but just the kind of underhanded allegation that some politicos think will win them votes in Oklahoma politics. Maybe it will. (Hey, it worked for Dick (Law and Order) Nixon—and look how well that worked out.)

Sure, negative campaigning is a staple of politics these days. But playing the fear card—especially the child molester charge—says more about Bartlett than it does about Adelson.

Some people, it seems, will say anything to get elected.

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