Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Bicycling in Tulsa: A 'Shout Out' to Tulsa Hub

AltTulsa is, as the name implies, all about alternatives—ideas and practices that can change our community for the better.

That's why we want to put in a plug for Tulsa Hub, a non-profit bicycle organization that promotes human-powered transportation in T-town.

According to their publicity material, Tulsa Hub "is an educational, civic action organization that empowers all people in the Tulsa Metropolitan Area by offering promotion of and equality of access to sustainable transit."

Sustainable transitwhat a concept. In a city long dominated by the automobile, this is refreshing. It's also a way of helping people without a car, or the means to buy a car, with two wheels so that they can improve their lives.

Helping others—we like it. It's a worthy cause. Find out more about Tulsa Hub at their website here.