Friday, October 2, 2009

Pass the Grease: Oklahoma Ranks Low in Fruit, Vegetable Consumption

Oklahomans love their hamburgers and chicken-fried steak.

At least we suspect that's the case since a new study shows that Oklahomans are among the lowest consumers of fruits and vegetables.

The Tulsa World reported Wednesday that Oklahoma ranks 50th in fruit and veggieconsumption. Only Mississippi ranked lower than the Sooner state at 51st in the study, which included the District of Columbia.

Why the low ranking?

The World quoted a state Department of Health official who noted that Oklahoma is a poor state. Although Oklahoma grows a lot of wheat, corn and soybeans, the official said, less than one-half of one percent of Oklahoma agricultural land is devoted to fruit and vegetables.

By the way, some of those dang Yankee states eat a lot more fruits and vegetables than we do. The top three sites were the District of Columbia (really!), Vermont, and Maine.

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