Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Anti-Obama Hate: He's a Nazi

The lunatic fringe is out there—but they have nothing to say. It's just old-fashioned hate.

The latest example of anti-Obama hate speech comes in the form of a defaced golf course. (Sadly, we are not making this up.)

The story with photo is here.


Tulsan said...

I wonder how many years these hysterics can keep up running around with their hair on fire. Obama a Nazi? Pretty lame.

Comradio said...

However many years it takes until they regain power Tulsan.

Tulsan said...

Bush and the GOP pulled the lid off the crazy hole, so the weirdos have been rampant. It's time to shove the lid down on them again. The ugly underbelly of our country has been on parade too long.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone see the irony of equating a black man with Nazis?