Monday, October 5, 2009

Columnist Paul Krugman Blasts the GOP's Scorched-Earth Policy

The blowhards and wingnuts on the Right are out of control. If you've been paying attention over the last several months, this is no surprise.

Talk radio, hot-air TV, and the Tea Party gang have ratcheted up the political volume of late, drowning out such folks as reasonable Republicans (surely there are a few out there somewhere) and people who believe in facts.

Now, the push-back report: New York Times columnist Paul Krugman, among others, is calling out the crazies. In Sunday's column, Krugman points out that the nutcases are so intent on winning that they put partisanship ahead of their country.

Based on their recent conduct, it's time to ask this question: Why do the conservatives hate America?

The Krugman column is here.


Tulsan said...

They really must hate us to put the likes of Sarah Palin within reach of ultimate power.

Our old buddy Man of the West opined on his blog that "the left" was really scared of Palin and what he thinks she represents.

I will cop to an unusual degree of fear during the campaign. McCain most certainly had a chance to win the presidency. Which of course would have put the empty-headed and mendacious Palin a heartbeat away from it.

But since she has tossed her governorship away for the chance to cash in, I breathe with ease. Her moment has passed. Indeed, I encourage the GOP to run her in '12. But the big wheels are not THAT dumb. Rove protege Steve Schmidt let his figurative hair down about that prospect this week.

If you can't see what Palin is after the Couric and Gibson interviews and her erratic antics subsequent to the election, you need to have your BS detector recalibrated.

I eagerly await the sales figures on her book. Even the rabidly partisan are going to be fully aware that it is entirely ghost-written. It will come as a surprise if it turns out that she has actually read it.

Tulsan said...

Oklahoma: A state of sick Dimmesdales

Oklahoma Introduces Its Own Scarlet Letter

What a bunch of sickos behind this bill.

Tulsan said...

Love the right-wing bleating about Obama's Nobel Prize:

Collection at TPM

Must be disorienting to swirl down the drain of history.