Thursday, August 7, 2008

You Get One Guess: Which Candidate is the Real Celebrity?

Now that the McCain camp has criticized Barack Obama as a mere celebrity just like Paris Hilton, it comes out that McCain is the one courting celebrity status.

As some of the Talking Heads are reporting, McCain has more than a passing acquaintance with celebrity culture. He's hosted Saturday Night Live, for instance. He's been on the television show 24 and the movie Wedding Crashers. He is a friend of actor Warren Beatty.

And let's not even get started on his much-younger trophy wife who is one of the richest people in Arizona, who has a pilot license and owns a jet.

This doesn't sound like someone who hides from the camera.

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Tulsan said...

As mentioned previously, this ad has the purpose of pairing Obama with young white women (hello, racists!)

It also implies that the accepted mode for black folk to come to prominence is through celebrity in sports or entertainment (hello racists!)

That McCain is far more of a jet-setter and celeb is beside the point of this message for its intended audience.