Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Bonehead Boortz: Radio Blabber Gets It Wrong (Again)

Right-wing radio is sometimes sad, sometimes funny, most often wrong. 

But hey, who needs actual facts or information when the whole idea of the wingnut blabbers is to exaggerate, distort and lie about people they don't like? 

Neal Boortz, the Atlanta-based talker heard in Tulsa on KRMG AM 740, defended John McCain's inability to answer a question about the number of houses he owns the other day with this question about McCain's opponent: "Let's ask Obama how many pray rugs he has," Boortz said. 

Okay, Neal, let's ask. 

We think Obama has a good answer: It's zero. Nada. None. After all, Obama is a Christian, not a Muslim. 

Then again, Boortz isn't really interested in truth. Why let the facts get in the way of a good smear?


Tulsan said...

Boortz, and his idol, Rush, must believe their listeners have the memories of goldfish.

They have a lot to go on.

Remember Rush on 1/30/2008 standing strong against McCain:

"I will not retire, I will not concede. I will not drift away! I will not fade away, until every American agrees with me."

Today, he still stands strong. He wouldn't defend McCain...would he?

Rush, 8/22/2008: "This business that they're still focusing on McCain on this, just classic, just classic the way the media just pumps this stuff up and tries to make a story out of it to try to help Obama, because it's such a nonstory. McCain doesn't own the properties. McCain doesn't go to them. One thing you can say about McCain, the last number of years he may have married a wealthy woman, but he has not advanced his lifestyle at all. He does not avail himself of the opportunities to go to all these houses and so forth."

Oh, well, the best tactic to sell McCain is to attack Obama, and Rush has made that his primary mission, not focusing on McCain's dubious "virtues," like not availing himself of all the luxury he possibly could.

Back to Boortz...

1/30/2008, AT said:

"But McCain's rise to the top of the Republican heap is causing a fair amount of consternation in conservative circles, which have been blasting McCain for months on immigration and other issues.

"Driving in this morning, for example, we heard the always-cranky radio yapper, Neal Boortz, and a disgruntled caller take McCain apart for numerous transgressions of the party line."

Boortz today:

"Let's ask Obama how many pray rugs he has."

Whaddaya know, same strategy as Rush.

Goldfish have better memories and sense than Rush's Dittoheads and Nealz Nuckleheads.

Anonymous said...

I actually listened to him on the way in this morning and the 'fear mongering' is kicking into high gear on his and many other conserv ative talk radio...no surprise there. You are all ablsoutely correct, these guys and gals count on everyone having a short term memory... They all forget what W did to McCain in 2000 - the same W who is now endorsing McCain...time heals all wounds I guess or are they really counting on the populous short term memory...