Friday, August 29, 2008

More Palin Fallout: McCain 'Failed the Test'

John McCain's decision to select an unknown and inexperienced Alaska conservative is not playing well in many circles. 

Gov. Sarah Palin may turn out to be a disaster, says Time's Mark Halpern. He goes on: 
On the face of this, McCain has failed the ultimate test than any presidential candidate must face in picking a running mate: selecting someone who is unambiguously qualified to be President. 

Palin is a talented politician who has both support among conservatives and a compelling personal story. But her short resume in Alaska and her nonexistent national track record will make it impossible for McCain to argue with a straight face that she was the most qualified person he could have selected.

McCain has his reasons for his selection, we're sure, but Palin is looking more and more like his version Dan Quayle, a lightweight politician of modest achievement who is utterly in over her head and unable to save McCain's now-faltering campaign. 

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