Saturday, August 23, 2008

New Evidence of Dick Cheney's Iraq Duplicity

The evidence of Vice President Dick Cheney's disingenuousness in the run-up to the Iraq war continues to mount.

Here's a summary of a report released this week:
A new report on the documents from George Washington University's National Security Archive…presents compelling evidence that the Bush Administration pressured the CIA and other intelligence agencies to tailor their reports to back-up Bush's desire to invade. The report suggests the bulk of this effort was run our of Vice President Dick Cheney's office, backing up numerous other post-war examinations of the path to invasion that saw Cheney as the mastermind of the plan to oust Saddam Hussein.
Remember, Sooner fans, this is the same Dick Cheney who got five draft deferments during the Vietnam era and never served a day in uniform. He had "other priorities" during those years.

Yet Cheney had no problem beating the drums of war when it suited his political purposes, sending other people's children off to a war that no American needed to fight.

This is the same Dick Cheney that Sen. Jim Inhofe brought to Tulsa some months back for a fundraiser, ignoring the fact that Cheney has been wrong about every major policy issue for nearly eight years.

Come January, Cheney will not be missed.


Tulsan said...

"Cheney will not be missed."

I bet Cheney's quail-hunting lawyer buddy wishes HE had been missed.

In retirement, Cheney can drink all the beer and shoot all the quailtards he wants. But when someone near Cheney yells "Duck!" you better believe they don't mean Mallard Fillmore.

Dan Paden said...

Come January, Cheney will not be missed.

Oh, I don't know. I'm gonna kinda miss the old guy.

Tulsan said...

Well, you'll probably get a chance to renew acquaintance on his next speaking tour.

Last time he was here, the dinner only cost $100 a person. If you paid a premium you could meet with Cheney in a smaller group. Or if you had an extra $10,000 on you, you could talk with Cheney at a roundtable.

A photo op with the VP was only $1,000. That's a measly sum...a couple of decent haircuts and chicken feed, or a couple of pairs of Ferragamos on sale.

So it's a really good deal.

Dan Paden said...

Mmmm--I was kinda thinking more of the kind of missing someone that doesn't involve parting with any of my money...