Friday, August 22, 2008

Chump of the Week: GOP's Glenn Coffee

State Sen. Glenn Coffee is AT's unanimous choice as Oklahoma's Chump of the Week for his facetious invitation for Democratic candidate Barack Obama to visit the Sooner State.

Here's Coffee's comment, his tongue firmly lodged in his fat cheek:
Speaking on behalf of all Oklahoma Republicans, and in the spirit of true bi-partisanship, I want to join Governor Henry in inviting Barack Obama to Oklahoma.
Coffee's point (and we're sure he had one) was to belittle Obama, who has weak support in Oklahoma.

But let's suppose Obama did make a visit to Oklahoma and let's say that visit swayed a few independents and fence-sitters to vote for Obama and other Democrats. Would that move Oklahoma in the Obama column? Not likely.

But it might have unintended consequences—it might give a boost to, say, State Sen. Andrew Rice, who's mounting a strong challenge to the official Sooner State dinosaur and Dick Cheney's very dear friend, the weary Jim Inhofe.

So, yes, let's bring Obama to Oklahoma. If that pushes a few more voters into the Democratic column, Coffee will be eating a lot of crow.

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