Friday, August 29, 2008

McCain's Choice: Sarah Who? Sarah Why?

Let's see, now. Does John McCain really think that an right-wing Mom and inexperienced governor from the Far North can step in a lead the country at a critical time in the nation's history? 

Apparently so. 

But this selection doesn't say good much about McCain's judgment. Instead, it says he's desperate to find an out-of-the-box candidate who can shore up his conservative credentials. (Too bad she's the least qualified vice presidential nominee since Dan Quayle.) 

Such thinking may work in Oklahoma, but most Okies were likely to vote for McCain anyway. 

The real test—and the one that may sink McCain's political fortunes—will be in those swing states, places brimming with independents and suburban voters, people who (1) have never heard of Sarah Palin, (2) recognize her complete lack of national and international experience, (3) don't care for her right-wing views. 

Is Palin a gamble for the GOP ticket? Absolutely!  Will she pay off in November? Don't bet on it. 


Tulsan said...

I, for one, am completely satisfied with McCain's pick.

Anonymous said...

and you my dear are most certainly an ass

Tulsan said...

You, my dear, are an (ony) mous.