Monday, February 18, 2008

Stories We'd Rather Not Read, Afghan Edition

It wasn't so many months ago that the American mission in Afghanistan looked like a big success. After the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks on New York and Washington, America and its allies eliminated the ruthless Taliban leadership (if you can call it that) in Afghanistan in a war that almost everyone in the U.S. supported.

But the news from Afghanistan hasn't been so upbeat in recent months. While we've been concentrating on Iraq and having success stopping some of the in-fighting there, the Taliban keeps threatening a comeback in Afghanistan.

The most recent evidence for this comes in the form of massive suicide car bombings, two of them in the last two days. Here's the somewhat sanitized lead from a news service today:
KANDAHAR, Afghanistan — A suicide car bomber killed 38 Afghans at a crowded market Monday, pushing the death toll from two days of militant bombings to about 140.

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Maria said...

This is something that really gets to me. My sister did two tours in Afghanistan, and the whole idea that Iraq is our focus pisses me off daily. A few months ago the Afghan picture was not really any better, but no one wanted to cover the stories going on there, because we have so many problems in Iraq. I could rant for pages... I'll refrain.