Sunday, February 17, 2008

Oklahoma's Coburn Not Looking for VP Role

Oklahoma's junior U.S. senator, Dr. Tom Coburn, told citizens in Muskogee yesterday that he's not interested in being the vice president despite some national speculation to that effect.

As quoted in the Tulsa World, Coburn offered a blunt "no" when asked about the VP post. Coburn continued, referring to his Senate career as a quasi-religious "calling."
"Let me put this to bed," Coburn added. "I'm old enough to know what I've been called to do."

Running for vice president, he said, is not it.

"I was called to run for the U.S. Senate," he said.


Tulsan said...

Besides, who else is going to keep this kind of concerned eye on our own state?

Coburn: "Lesbianism is so rampant in some of the schools in Southeast Oklahoma that they'll only let one girl go to the bathroom. Now think about it."


He would have made an excellent addition to the GOP clown car.

Tulsan said...

Let this article be a cautionary message for all stalwart Oklahomans. I trust our good citizenry will not go all wobbly on "evil-ution" as Floridians did:

Our reputation for flakiness is at stake by Carl Hiaasen of the Miami Herald.

Anonymous said...

He kills 95 little nothing bills just before Christmas, like the ALS Registry Act (S.1382). Then gets his mug shot on the front page of the WSJ, runs out of state to endorse J. McCain and he wants us to think different? Please, even patients coping with ALS are left with a mind.