Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Moonlighting County Official Stays Very Busy

Terry Simonson, chief deputy to Tulsa County Commissioner Randi Miller, is a very busy man.

Not only does Simonson have to put in long hours for his $89,000 county job, he also has to work nights and weekends on his private legal cases, one of which is his boss's divorce proceedings.

We learn all this thanks to the Tulsa World, which has noted that, and we quote, "Simsonson is listed an attorney in 22 court cases, including 19 bankruptcy petitions filed since he went on the county payroll."

Simonson explained to the paper that he does all his legal work on his own time. He also said that his legal work does not interfere with his county duties.

We have no reason to doubt Mr. Simonson's statements. Like we said, he's a very busy man.

But the World's editorial today asks an important question, one that county taxpayers ought to be asking as well: "Is $89,111 not enough to capture your full attention, Mr. Simonson?"

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Dan Paden said...

Oh, for cryin' out loud. Not a whisper of wrongdoing or any accusations that he's doing poor work.

When are you going to get 'round to asking how much it takes to get Jeff McMahan's full attention? Seems like a much better question to me.