Saturday, February 9, 2008

How Did This Happen? Huckabee Beats McCain in Today's Kansas Caucuses

Somebody forgot to tell Mike Huckabee that he has no chance of winning the Republican nomination for president.

Instead, Rev. Huck overwhelmed the presumptive nominee, Sen. John McCain, in party caucuses in Kansas today. One news site called it a "big win"—and perhaps it is.

We can't see any good news in this for McCain, who needs support from all the Republicans he can find if he intends to beat the Democratic nominee (whoever that turns out to be) in November.


Tulsan said...

Good news: Huckabee is keeping the GOP disunited.

Bad news: Huckabee might be McCain's running mate. One heartbeat away. The idea could galvanize the religious right, terrify everyone else.

Tulsan said...

How did Huckabee win?

Sez Pandagon:

"’s because people support his Bible-thumping, intolerant, sexist philosophy. They are largely voting on Christian identity politics, and their definition of “Christian” is very specific. We’re all familiar with it—extremely misogynist, with the fetus as the symbol of the male property rights over women, and abortion as the symbolic rejection therefore of male dominance. Extremely homophobic and not just a little bit racist. Creationist. Believes that the Rapture is nigh."

Tulsan said...

Novelist John Grisham in the Sunday World on "Christian" identity politics:

“I think what the Republicans have done in past elections is brilliant. Because they’ve convinced a lot of people to vote for them against their own economic self interest, and they’ve done that by skillfully manipulating a handful of social issues, primarily abortion and gay rights and sometimes gun control,” he says. “And the Republicans have used those to scare a lot of people into voting for Republican candidates. It’s skillful manipulation.”