Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Big Bucks Back Bynum in Tulsa Council Race

District 9 candidate G.T. Bynum, a former staffer for Republican Sens. Don Nickles and Tom Coburn, has friends with deep pockets.

Reporting on the city council campaign contributions, the Tulsa World revealed today that Bynum has raised more than $45,000 for his council race, far outpacing every other city council candidate.

Bynum's campaign cash is coming from people the newspaper calls "the Republican old guard." These include former Tulsa Mayor Bob LaFortune, Jim Hewgley, and Howard Barnett.

Some other prominent Tulsa names in Bynum's financial corner: Dean and Hank Williams, John and Jennifer LaFortune, Jenk Jones, Henry Zarrow, W.H. Helmerich, Stacy Schusterman, Patty and Joe Cappy, George Kaiser, and Charles Norman.

Like we said, Bynum has friends with very deep pockets.

It's just a guess, but we'd say Bynum has more than enough money to conduct a first-rate campaign for the District 9 seat.

For more on Bynum and his candidacy, check out his website here

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