Friday, February 8, 2008

Councilor's Ego Overwhelms Judgment

It's been a bad week for Tulsa City Councilor Jack Henderson. He emerged in the media this week as an overblown buffoon, more concerned about the size of his office than the good of Tulsa's citizens.

Unfortunately for Henderson, his outsized ego appears to be the major cause of his problems.

The story, as told by the Tulsa World, has to do with Henderson's new office at Tulsa's city hall. Henderson was miffed that his new office wouldn't be as nice as the mayor's new office. That prompted Henderson to hold up a transfer of money to renovate the new city building.

When Henderson made vague complaints about the building and parking at the new facility, Mayor Kathy Taylor called his bluff. "Let me quote from my notes [of a meeting with Henderson]," Taylor said.

Quoting Henderson, Taylor continued: "I put you in the glass office building. I deserve whatever kind of office I want."

No, Councilor Henderson, you don't. You're a city councilor, not the King of Tulsa. The size of your office and the age of your desk is not a burning issue for the citizens of this city.

In short, Councilor Henderson, grow up. Lose the attitude and put the needs of the citizens ahead of your own needs.

Finally, here's a little advice on your choice of political allies. Former Councilor Chris Medlock is not a good role model. In his time on the council, Medlock was mostly a preening blowhard, more interested in arguing and grandstanding than serving the city.

Medlock's antics didn't even serve his own interests. His subsequent political career flopped and he's now a professional blowhard on an obscure AM radio station.


okhipfan said...

From what I understood he had some legitimate questions regarding the appropriations of funds for the offices in which he never got answers from Mayor Taylor. I'll bet the truth lies somewhere between here and there. Better to keep an 'open mind'.

Tulsan said...

What was stopping Henderson from asking any legitimate question publicly? After Taylor made him look like a dope, he had nothing to lose by laying them out, if they existed.

Since he didn't, he likely had no other questions besides "why isn't my office bigger?" and "why can't I have my name in gold paint?"

I have a question. Why does KFAQ like their morning hosts to be trainwrecks?