Saturday, July 21, 2007

Vitter Hypocrisy Update: More Calls to Resign

For those of you keeping score at home, the calls for Louisiana Sen. David Vitter to resign keep coming.

Sen. Vitter, you will recall, has admitted partaking in the illegal sexual services of the DC Madam. Unfortunately for Vitter, he is also on record pointedly calling on former President Bill Clinton to resign for his White House dalliance with Monica Lewinsky.

Now Vitter's double standard appears to be catching up to him. Some conservative religious leaders have questioned Vitter's moral standing and conservative talker Sean Hannity has called for the senator to resign.

We don't always agree with our friends on the conservative side of the aisle. But in this case, we think they have point. In Louisiana Sen. Vitter has cast himself as a pro-family politician with traditional family values.

We can't see how that squares with paying prostitutes for sex.


Dan Paden said...

Generally agreed, with the caveat that the comparison to Der Schlickmeister is incomplete without noting that he carried his escapade to the level of lying under oath about it.

Although, God knows, living with Hillary might drive a man to incredible lengths...

Tulsan said...

I must confess that Hillary has been my third choice of the top three Demo contenders. But she did win me over some with her recent pushback against O'Reilly's hectoring of JetBlue over sponsoring Kos' yearly get together. I hope she proves to be a trendsetter on that. Of course, if she is the nominee, she's getting my vote. No more independent votes from me. The first priority is to get the GOP out of power.