Thursday, July 12, 2007

Biden's Quip on Bush Progress Report

Our nomination for Quote of the Day, courtesy of Delaware Sen. Joe Biden. Biden was commenting on President Bush's progress report on Iraq, released this morning:
This progress report is like the guy who’s falling from a 100-story building and says half-way down that ‘everything’s fine.'

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HH said...

Today is, of course, the the birthday of Thoreau, 1817.

And the mention of Pablo Neruda ... great and honoured poet, more-or-less tortured by Amaricanist-funded Chilean military, as Neruda lay dying during the coup of '73.

They tore his beautiful library to pieces before his eyes, and, to be accurate, and, should you wish, apologies for what some would call vulgarity: the soldiers then pissed, victoriously, on the broken volumes.

For those keeping score, the date of the coup in Chile was 9-11, 1973, a date which will live in irony.