Saturday, July 21, 2007

Oklahomans Turn On the Tap for Democrats

Campaign figures released this week show that Oklahomans are putting their cash behind Democratic presidential candidates.

A Tulsa World story Friday reported that Democratic candidates are leading their Republican counterparts by a margin of better than 2-to-1.

The three top Democratic candidates, Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Edwards, have all raised more than $265,000 in the Sooner state.

By contrast, the GOP's leading fundraiser in Oklahoma, Rudy Giuliani, has raised 165,000.

The World also discovered that one Tulsa ZIP code, 74114, is the state's largest political contributor, with more than $171,000 contributed in the first six months of this year. The second highest ZIP code, 73116 in Oklahoma City, was far back with total almost $65,000.

It's early in the political season, we know, but the figures so far seem to show that Oklahoma Democrats are a lot happier with their candidates than the Republicans are.


Tulsan said...

I saw that, too, and could hardly believe it. Maybe the next election will be Inhofe's last stand (I hope.)

Dan Paden said...

Personally, I'm waiting 'til Fred Thompson officially declares before I send anybody a nickel (not that I have more than a little pocket change to give anyway), and I expect that I'm not alone.

I also think you'll see some things change after some of the primaries. There's nothing that will galvanize the Republican base quicker than the words, "Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton."

But I do have to admit that there's an awful lot of disappointment in the field of officially declared candidates, and an awful lot of people fed up with big-spending Republicans. After a while, people get tired of hearing, "But the opposition is so much worse!" While I might think that is true, it's hard to think of a less motivating slogan than, "Vote for me, I'm not the worst you could do," which seems to be the slogan of an awful lot of Republicans right now.