Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tulsa Tourism Gets an Idaho 'Atta-Boy'

We like Tulsa, but we usually don't think of the city as a vacation paradise. So we were pleasantly surprised to see a letter in the Tulsa World the other day on the joys of a Tulsa vacation.

The letter came from the O'Neill family of Boise, Idaho, in town visiting relatives. According to their letter, the family spent a wet but pleasant week in T-town, where they "had an outstanding time."

The O'Neill's mentioned daily runs along the Arkansas River and visits to cultural venues such as the Gilcrease Museum and the Oklahoma Aquarium. They enjoyed restaurants in Brookside and the Riverwalk. They were "highly impressed."

The O'Neill family concluded, "While 'y'all' may take it for granted, you [Tulsans] have a great thing going."

It's a small thing, of course, but with all the nay-saying that accompanies much of the talk about Tulsa, it's great to some positive things from our city's visitors.

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Natasha said...

I didn't get to see this letter in the Tulsa World, but it's encouraging in light of so much negativity and ambivalence about goings-on here in Tulsa, no? I suspect a lot of other people who either stumble upon our city or come here deliberately are "highly impressed."