Saturday, July 14, 2007

BA Republican's Tulsa Kiss Leads to Trouble

We don't know State Rep. John Trebilcock, the legislator who represents House District 98 in Broken Arrow. But we did take notice last March when he was arrested on a DUI charge after being pulled over in downtown Tulsa for driving without headlights. At the time, the Tulsa World reports, Rep. Trebilcock refused to take a break-analyzer test.

Today we learn that Rep. Treblicock entered a no-contest plea to the charge and has agreed to work 10 days for the city of Tulsa and attend an alcohol education program. He will also pay court costs of $750.

The city prosecutor told the World that as a first-time offender, Trebilcock was offered a standard deal, just like "John Q. Citizen." His attorney said the DUI charge was not supported by the evidence.

Fair enough. Rep. Treblicock should be treated such like anyone else.

But we'd like to give the BA legislator credit for the excuse he offered the arresting officer in March. According to the police report, Treblicock told the officer that "he had just kissed a girl that had been drinking and that is why he smelled like he had been drinking."


Jim Beam said...

Maybe he meant she was a St. Pauli Girl, and he "kissed" her figuratively.

Jim Beam said...

Now Trebilcock says the "kiss" comment was a joke. Who said Republicans lack a sense of humor? What a kidder!