Monday, July 9, 2007

Thompson's Past Takes Center Stage

Headlines we like, this one courtesy of MSNBC:

Fred Thompson Aided Nixon on Watergate

But wait, there's more: Nixon's White House tapes show that he referred to the young Republican lawyer as "dumb as hell."


Dan Paden said...

The actual article (I thought it'd be convenient if I provided the link, since you didn't) doesn't make Thompson out quite as badly as you seem to think--unless you--of all people!--are prepared to take Nixon's word for it as to Mr. Thompson's intelligence. I'm afraid it's not the smoking gun you'd have to get to knock him out of the race.

Alternative Tulsa said...

Hey Dan: Good point. Nixon was certainly not the most trustworthy source. For what it's worth, we weren't endorsing Nixon's judgment as much as we were suggesting that Thompson's political career and personal life need much more examination before he can be declared the saviour of the Republican right.