Thursday, July 19, 2007

Tulsa's Wallis Writes New Road Book

Speaking of road books (see previous post), Tulsa's own Michael Wallis has published his own new book in the field, this one following the mostly forgotten transcontinental highway known as the Lincoln Highway.

Wallis achieved considerable success
with an earlier book on Route 66, a fabled highway known as the "Mother Road." His Lincoln Highway book follows the "Father Road," a highway that runs from New York's Times Square to the Golden Gate Bridge.

Judy Randle, book editor of the Tulsa World, talked with Wallis about his new book at some length in last Sunday's issue. That prompted us to check out an autographed copy of The Lincoln Highway the other day at Steve's Books on Harvard.

For fans of America's old two-lane highways, this looks like a winner.


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